Built on RP Science

Science is Stronger

Our diet template is a modified version of  the RP Diet Template. The RP system was intitally developed by body builders for body builders, the process of adding muscle and losing body fat is obviously key in the sport of body building, so who better to advise the rest the fitness community.

We've taken the principles of their their eBook, in it they detail how to build your own template and then we've used our own percentages and ratios and created templates that are more specific to the sports that we know and coach e.g. CrossFit, Weightlifting and normal gym style hypertrophy work. We've also asjusted the  food types to those that can be found readiliy in European supermarkets as RP is designed for the US market.

The gallery below is of clients who have used RP and have published their results. The images have been selected to demonstrate the process of cutting, massing and maintaining and the results that can be achieved by running these cycles.

They range from those with short term results e.g. 1 cycle of 3 months to those that have been on a much longer journey with RP.

What's important to note is the changes in body composition not the necessarily the weight loss. Most of these guys will be involved in some kind of strength sport and you can be sure that as well as looking great their numbers and performance have increased significantly too.