Starting Strength

Starting Strength

Our 'Starting Strength' programme is a Novice weightlifting programme that it delivered two/three times per week for a period of 12 weeks.

The goal of the programme is to increase the strength of the novice athlete week by week using basic strength building exercises and linear progressions.

The programme is ideal for anyone wishing to start strength training for recreation, to improve for their sport or as part of a rehabilitation programme. 

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'Starting Strength' is a barbell programme that uses movements like a squat, press, deadlift and later power cleans to increase your strength and force production, making you better at sport and life. 

Strength is the basis of your athletic ability, to improve as an athlete and as a human being you need to get stronger. If you're a runner, maybe you think you don't need to get strong but try getting stronger and see what happens to your times. Even in sports not usually associated with strength, the stronger athletes are the better athletes.

Since strength is so important, so it follows that the most efficient way to acquire strength will therefore be the most efficient way to improve your athletic performance.

'Starting Strength' increases total-body strength in a linear fashion, making the most efficient use of your training time.

Our coaches will train you in the movements, monitor your efforts, track your progress and adjust loadings to ensure you maximise your athletic potential over the duration of the programme. 

The programme starts simple with the basic movements and then introduces more dynamic exercises as the athlete develops.

The programme is delivered either one-to-one with a coach or in small groups and is suitable for all ages.