A combined nutrition and functional movement programme designed to make you leaner, fitter and improve your movement and mobility.

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Prescription For Life

Our 'Prescription for life is a combined nutrition and personal training plan that is proven to get you fit and looking and feeling good.

We believe that we're all different by degree, not by kind. What this means is that the 'Prescription for Life' is the same whether you’re a 20-year-old Olympic athlete or a 65-year-old grandmother. It’s simply the level of intensity that changes.

Our 'Prescription for Life' will prepare you not just for life, but for any chosen sport. Body composition improvements, strength gains and improved mobility will keep you working hard and staying injury-free.

The programme is designed for longevity, not just for a temporary kick to your fitness, we want to keep you fit and looking good for life.

  • Coach for Life

    Having a coach for life is fundamental to the programme. Your coach will be there to provide knowledge and support with your nutrition, coach you through with your training in the gym and motivate you through challenging workouts. Having a coach for life is one of the most unique features of our system. Our coaches will stick with you life, keeping you on track.

  • Nutritional Education & Planning

    It's a common myth that you can out-train a bad diet, the truth is that you'll only see the benefits of your hard work in the gym if you eat properly.

    Our 'Prescription for Life' programme seeks firstly to educate on how to select food types and quantities to match your requirements for both training and non-training days so you can make informed choices. Your coach will also design a custom and detailed diet template that will ensure you will meet your goals.

  • Functional Movements

    Functional movements are generally movements that mimic the way we should move in life and more often than compound movement i.e. use more than one muscle or joint. Picking things up, carrying objects, putting a box on a shelf etc. Exercises that train more than one muscle are proven to have the best benefits when training to become stronger and leaner. Mastering functional movements often involves re-learning proper movement patterns.

  • Mobility and stability

    Some people are limited by their flexibility or mobility, meaning the range of motion around a particular joint, while others are hyper-mobile and lack stability. To help you with your mobility and stability we will devise a custom programme of stretching and accessory exercises that will improve on your imbalances.

  • Skill Development

    Training has to be fun otherwise it can be difficult to self motivate. Developing new skills adds fun while also aiming to improve to key components of your fitness. From gymnastics movements, like pull-ups, push-ups and ring work to power lifting and Olympic weightlifting movements like the clean and the snatch, skill development is key in our code for fitness.

  • Variation

    Variation is another key concept of the programme, some days your coach will focus you on skill and accessory work, other days are about strength and conditioning and occasionally we will we want you to test yourself in order to measure your fitness progress.

  • Energy Pathways

    The duration of any task in life and in them gym can require our bodies to use different energy pathways. It is important that develop these in order to improve our overall fitness. We do this by structuring workouts to trigger the energy system.