Food and Fitness Challenge to get you leaner, stronger and fitter in 30 days

The new year always brings with it the "new me resolutions" most of which only make it a few weeks before they go back on the shelf to wait for the next year to roll around. However, resolutions with a specific goal and support from friends and family tend to be a lot more successful.

Our philosophy on nutrition is that it should always improve; not hinder performance and the new year offers us the perfect opportunity to prove it.

For those that do CrossFit the timing is great in that it will lead you into the The Open in the best shape possible, so what more incentive do you need.

The challenge will start on the 9th of January and run for 30 working days (yes, you get the weekends off) and finish on the 15th February.

It's a Competition

Performance is the goal, and at the beginning of the challenge we will be publishing some test workouts which will then be repeated at the end so you can see how much your fitness has improved by eating properly to support your training.

The challenge is simple, accrue points on a daily basis for all the good stuff you do during the day. Points will be awarded for:

  • Eating the approved food sources
  • Doing some mobility
  • Working out
  • Snacking at the right time
  • Active rest and recovery

You can earn a maximum of 7 points per day and a total of 210 across the 30 days, for the mathematicians among you, don't forget you get the weekend off.

The winners of the challenge will be those that gather the most points and those that make the biggest improvements on the test workouts. Of course we're relying on you to be honest about what you eat and do and also to not 'game' the test workouts and go easy just so you win at the end.

It matters more when there's money on it

You know how the saying goes, 'it matters more when there's money on it', so we're charging for entry into the competition. As well as some great prizes for the winners there will be some great help along the way:

  • A handy spreadsheet to track your scoring
  • A eBook with a list of approved food sources
  • A list of sample meals
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, motivation and recipes
  • A daily recipe with full macro breakdown
  • Sample mobility tutorials

For those that wish to dial in there diet even further during the challenge we're offering to supply a custom template that will not only detail the food sources but will also give exact quantity requirements for each meal to achieve their target, i.e. cut, maintain or bulk.

Getting Involved

Step 1 - Registration

Register for the challenge by selecting either the 'Basic' package (£15.00) or the 'Premium' package (£25.00) which includes your own custom nutrition template.


Step 2 - Join the Group

Join the support group on Facebook.

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