The FFL Nutrition challenge is a 5 week nutrition challenge in which each person will receive an individualised meal plan for 5 weeks. The purpose of this challenge is to lose fat while maintaining muscle.

We start with a Nutrition Seminar. In the seminar, we go over basics such as "What is a macronutrient ? What foods fall into what category of a macronutrient? What are the differences?". We also go over what is a meal plan, what is included in a meal plan and how we determine the what and why you eat what you eat during a meal plan. You will be given a template and tools to help you determine how to make your own meal plan after the challenge is over to help maintain after the challenge is over.  

Before, or right after, the seminar is over, you will be weighed as well as getting your body fat tested either by a scale or  machine.

Before, during and after the challenge is over, you will receive a series of emails.

The first will be welcoming you to the challenge, along with asking you for an initial check in. This check in we will be asking for your name, age, weight, body fat, front and back photos and current food intake.

This will help us determine what your individualized meal plan will look like. Each participant will be shared on a Google Sheets (You do NOT have to have a gmail account to view it, but it is encouraged). In this google doc, you will see what your current meal plan looks like, along with an approved foods list.

Every Tuesday and Friday, you can expect an email from us. Tuesday will always have a reminder along with a link to send in your updates by Wednesday morning. If you send in a check in, you can expect to receive feedback.  Plans are changed on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the challenge. Friday emails are filled with basic information and tips we like to share with you.

At the end of the 5 weeks, you will get weighed and body fat tested again and we will be announcing a winner of the challenge. The winner is determined by the following: percentage of body weight loss, percentage of body fat loss, number of weekly checkins received and number of check ins at the gym. 

You get as much out of the challenge as you put into it! If you stick to the plan 100%, we can guarantee that you will see results! 

Limited spots for each challenge are available!

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